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LONG TREES Shoots & Leaves Vol.1

Long Trees is the collaborative brainchild of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Rafael Attias and Dan Wright. The "Shoots & Leaves" album release progresses their sound beyond the alt-country roots of their first album ("Drifting") and into the realm of psychedelic Americana.

Long Trees is grateful to the amazing musicians that have supported its live performances: Kevin Zahm (bass), Adam Cargin (drums), Beth Burnett (keyboards, vocals), Jeffrey Underhill (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Rachel Blumberg (drums, vocals), John Faraone (drums), Mike Samos (lap steel)

All instruments and vocals by Rafael Attias & Dan Wright
Recorded and produced by Rafael Attias & Dan Wright


Long Trees is the music of Rafael Attias and Dan Wright. Along the way, they have been blessed to collaborate with some outstanding musicians. The Drifting songs chase vinyl dreams, old Westerns, and open roads.

The Drifting EP was recorded by Raf and Dan at Raf's Shady Lea Studio in Rhode Island. It was mixed in Los Angeles by Raymond Richards at Red Rockets Glare, and mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering. The EP includes guest sessions by Mike Samos (lap steel) and Raymond Richards (pedal steel, guitars, organ, percussion).

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